Our Approach to Services

Family-Centered Services

At Continuum, we approach our services from a family-centered, client-focused lens that prioritizes building a trusting relationship between the clinician and client. Our goal is to help our clients and families reach their full potential and achieve their highest quality of life. We strive to achieve this goal by working collaboratively to ensure each individual’s treatment is focused on teaching socially significant goals and  meaningful participation within their community.

Our Approach to Comprehensive Services



We provide scientific and evidence-based practices which have been proven through research. Trained professionals will implement the following practices during sessions with your learner: Skill Based Treatment, Discrete Trial Teaching, Natural Environment Teaching, Differential Reinforcement, Prompting Procedures, Time Delay, use of Visual Supports, and many more!


Practical Functional
Assessment &
Skill-Based Treatment

With the use of Practical Functional Assessments (PFA), we are able create and use Skill-Based Treatment (SBT). When running a PFA, your consultant prioritizes building rapport as well as the client’s safety and dignity. After the PFA is completed, a trained professional can systematically teach socially significant skills through SBT. The goal is to provide a trusting relationship between the therapist, caregiver, and the learner.


Trauma Informed Approach

At Continuum, we pride ourselves on our trauma informed approach to services where we keep the needs of our clients and families at the forefront of our treatment. With our trauma informed approach, we are able to account for any given individual’s history of trauma and the impact it may have on their behavior, mental health and capacity to receive certain types of therapeutic support.

Pathway to Services:​

Contact Us

Contact your local office to learn more about available services, insurance coverage, authorizations, and intake paperwork


Your Consultant will schedule an initial intake meeting to discuss your family’s needs and review medical history


Your Consultant will conduct an individualized assessment that includes behavioral observations, skills assessments, and writing a comprehensive and individualized treatment plan

Caregiver Training

You will be assigned a Caregiver Support Specialist who will provide ongoing caregiver support and training throughout your services

Treatment Services

Your Consultant and treatment team will provide one-on-one therapeutic services to address your family’s unique needs

Ongoing Analysis

Your learner’s progress will be reviewed consistently by your Consultant to ensure the highest quality of services and make updates as needed

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