In-Home ABA

Where Evidence-Based Practice
Meets Caring Support

Our Applied Behavior Analysis in-home therapy utilizes an individualized treatment approach which is created based on a observations, interviews, as well as skill and behavioral assessments. The treatment plan is based on both the individual and family needs, and focuses on utilizing interests and motivation for increased learning.

What is ABA?


Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a form of therapy based on a scientific approach to understanding behavior. ABA utilizes principles focusing on how behaviors change and how behaviors are affected by the environment in which an individual is exposed. Those principles are known as Evidence-Based Practices and are used to treat each client’s behavioral and skill-building needs.

Our Focus

When providing In-Home ABA therapy, all of our treatment plans focus on three areas:

skills acquisition, behavior reduction, and caregiver support.


The learner's strengths and deficits are identified by the clinical team and an individualized plan is put in place. Goals are selected with the family based on significance and meaning in the learner's life.


Challenging behaviors are the most difficult and stressful issues faced by parents and schools. We focus on teaching the learner positive replacement behaviors so their needs are met in a better way.


Caregivers are the key to their learner's success. We provide inclusive and ongoing caregiver-centered training so you have the tools needed to assist your learner in maximum engagement and reinforcement in their natural surroundings.

Our Approach to Services

At Continuum, we have a unique and collaborative approach to the services we provide. With our client-centered approach, your learner will have access to Technicians and Consultants who are well-versed in all evidence-based practices including, but not limited to, practical functional assessment (PFA), skill-based treatments (SBT), assent withdrawal and trauma informed care, and more. We focus on functional communication, speech and language, skill development, reducing challenging behaviors, and so much more! We pride ourselves on our ability to run practical functional assessments, utilize reinforcement strategies, and make sessions a fun and enjoyable experience for our clients, families, and clinicians.


Our Process

There are many components to providing In-Home ABA. Each step is an essential part in providing the highest quality services while achieving the most effective and meaningful results:

Initial ABA Assessment

Parent intake interview and medical record review


Functional Behavioral Assessment

Behavioral observation, data collection, and analysis


Skills Assessment

Standardized assessment selected based on behavioral concerns and goals


Treatment Plan Development

Comprehensive treatment plan that includes behavior intervention plan and skill acquisition goals


Caregiver Education and Training

Foundational caregiver training to prepare, educate, and empower families in supporting their learner’s progress.


ABA Direct Services

ABA therapy begins at home in the learner’s natural environment with family support


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