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Parenting can be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences we will ever have in our lifetime. We know the old adage “it takes a village” is true. Therefore, every family who chooses Continuum is provided with a dedicated Caregiver Support Specialist! We believe that a family-centered approach to therapy provides the greatest outcomes so our Consultant will work with you to develop and individualize a plan that includes training, education, and resources that are tailored specifically to the needs of your situation. Whether you’ve just received a new diagnosis or have been on this journey for a while, our team is here for you. Together we can achieve great things!

Our Caregiver Services


At Continuum, we offer a variety of individual and group parent educational trainings.  Our goal is to foster positive interactions between caregivers and children to enhance the quality of their interactions.  Our families receive an initial training that discusses foundational ABA topics, how to understand behaviors and strategies to help build skills and replace challenging behaviors.  After the initial training, we tailor our future goals and education based on your individual family’s needs and dive into more complex topics. 
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Navigating a New Diagnosis
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Self-Care Strategies for Caregivers

Supporting your family is one of our greatest privileges.

Caregiver Service Options

Caregiver Workshops

Caregiver Workshops

Just looking for extra support in a specific area? Join us for a caregiver group workshop, during which one of our specialized BCBAs will provide training, resources, and the opportunity to connect with other families about a topic you want to learn more about. Get support, ask questions, hear about some ideas for other ways to support your child - all for only $30 per family per workshop. Topics include: Navigating the ASD diagnosis, toilet training, IEP support, executive functioning support, and social skills support (in conjunction with our Social Skills Group program). Most workshops are virtual for your convenience, sign up for a date that works for you or contact us to learn about all the resources we have available!
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Dedicated Caregiver Support

Dedicated Caregiver Support

At Continuum, we value collaboration and teamwork. We have found that having a team of experts who work closely together provides the greatest outcomes for our families. That’s where our co-consultant model comes in! In this model, the Primary Consultant and the Caregiver Support Specialist collaborate to support progress. The Caregiver Support Specialist meets directly with the caregivers to help achieve their therapy goals and provide additional support, while the Primary Consultant continues to work with the learner directly. With this level of caregiver involvement, the co-consultant model is a multi-faceted approach to ABA therapy that helps foster success for the family as a whole. If you are interested in increasing your involvement in your child’s treatment, talk to your BCBA about adding a Caregiver Support Specialist today.
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Caregiver-Facilitated Treatment

Caregiver-Facilitated Treatment

We believe that caregivers will always be our client’s greatest teachers. Our Caregiver-Facilitated Treatment model is designed for caregivers to learn how to work directly with their own learner. This can be used to help jumpstart progress while your family waits for the traditional in-person ABA support or as a stand-alone service for those looking for a different approach to therapy. In this model, a Caregiver Support Specialist works directly with the caregivers via telehealth to make meaningful changes in the home that support the learner’s overall growth and improve the family’s quality of life. Most families who utilize this model see faster results in their learner’s treatment. Contact us to learn more about this treatment approach!
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Our Caregiver Values

Continuum is fortunate to have a unique and dedicated group of Caregiver Support Specialists who share a passion for helping families achieve their highest quality of life. Our Consultants will be with you through the early days of diagnosis, assist you in navigating the maze of resources, and provide you with education and training to address challenging behaviors. Our Consultants provide inclusive, trauma-informed support that is client-focused and family-centered. As a stand-alone service or an add-on service (covered by most major insurance providers), we are here to support you on this journey.

Quality of Life

Our primary goal is to improve our learners' quality of life as well as that of their family. This is why we always start our support services by asking our families what goals are meaningful to their situation. We know that our families, parents, caregivers, and siblings play a critical role in each learner's road to success!


Continuum has experience working and collaborating with a wide range of caregivers, educators, and other healthcare professionals. This ensures consistency of care, meaningful services, and coordination of strategies across different settings.


We work with you to ensure that our services will be effective. Each training is individualized with great care and consideration for your family’s dynamics and routine. We believe the best type of training is a collaborative approach that takes into account your time, values and priorities. Our therapeutic team will identify your learner's needs and develop a treatment plan that is individualized and customized based on your learner and your family.

Evidence Based Services

Every parent training and caregiver support service has been developed systematically to mirror the latest evidence-based practices in our field. Each learner’s progress is tracked with data and shared with families, ensuring that continual progress is being made.

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