Telehealth Services

Services Without Limits

Our expertly trained telehealth Consultants provide ABA services in the comfort of your home, no matter your location. Through the use of HIPAA-compliant technology, telehealth services offer an alternative to traditional therapy and allow us to match your family with a clinician who specializes in the care your family needs without geographic boundaries.

Expanding Services Through Telehealth


Telehealth services provide you with direct access to clinical experts no matter your location. Through the use of technology, we are able to break down geographic barriers and match your family with a Consultant who has the expertise and knowledge to meet your family’s needs. Continuum has been providing telehealth services since 2015 and is a leader in the field of ABA. We offer a wide range of telehealth services and provide comprehensive care.

Is Telehealth Right For You?

Telehealth allows families to receive high-quality services from the comfort of their home. Before starting telehealth, we assess your family’s need and determine the best model that is clinically appropriate. We offer a variety of telehealth services to ensure our services are effective.  This could include direct therapy, caregiver support, or a hybrid model of both in-person and telehealth.

Service Options

Telehealth Service Models

All services of our In-Home ABA service are available through Telehealth. Additionally, our hybrid approach of both in-person and telehealth services are available in all of our locations to meet your need for flexibility!

We provide a variety of caregiver trainings to give you the knowledge and tools to help your learner reach their maximum potential. Our experts will provide you the tools and knowledge to work directly with your child through positive learning interactions. This allows families greater flexibility and increases learning opportunities throughout the day. We provide trainings in a variety of topics from introduction to ABA, de-escalation strategies, increasing communication, toileting training, sleep training, and more! We want to empower you to be the positive impact in your learner's life!
Through our unique telehealth model, we are able to provide comprehensive ABA services that include assessment, treatment planning, caregiver support, and direct therapy. Our specially- trained telehealth Consultants and Technicians work directly with your learner to provide one-on-one therapy. During our sessions, we focus on skill acquisition goals and behavior reduction. Your learner will work with our trained experts through fun and engaging interactions from the comfort of your home.
Our telehealth social skills groups focus on teaching foundational skills that are needed for peer interactions. Our groups will focus on learning a new skill each week and will practice this skill among the group participants. We offer a variety of groups based on your learner's individual needs.
Based on your family's needs, we are able to provide a combination of both in-person and telehealth services. Our clinicians can provide in-person direct therapy along with telehealth consultation and caregiver training.

What do you need for Telehealth Services?

Electronic device such as a tablet, phone, or computer

Access to stable internet

Video conferencing ability

A place to sit with good lighting and limited distractions

Materials to take notes, collect data, and program binder if needed

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