BCBA®/BCaBA® Supervision

Think Differently About Supervision

At Continuum, we do supervision differently. We believe in going above the required competency set by the BACB. Our goal is to help grow ethical, compassionate, knowledgeable, and exceptional practitioners in the field of ABA. We offer a full curriculum, following the guidelines as outlined by the BACB®. We have opportunities for concentrated fieldwork or flexible supervision schedule with one of our Lead Consultants from across the country. Our intensive supervision program offers the required one-on-one supervision, group supervision and practical application to prepare participants for the BCBA or BCaBA exam. We are proud to offer a unique BCBA Supervision Program to individuals seeking BCBA/BCaBA credentialing in line with BACB guidelines.

Continuum's Supervision Program

Our dedicated team of Lead BCBA Supervisors along with the Director of Supervision are well-versed in all things supervision related to acquiring your fieldwork hours, documentation, credentialing and application process. Their focus is to provide quality support and guidance to all trainees for clinical and administrative questions related to their fieldwork experience. 

    • Dedicated Director of Supervision and Lead Supervisor team
    • Diverse opportunities for supervised fieldwork experience
    • Accessible Group and 1:1 supervision
    • A nationwide experienced team of Supervising BCBAs
    • Supervision Curriculum Modules
    • Practicum Partnerships
    • Opportunities of supervised and concentrated supervised fieldwork
    • Ongoing career and professional development post-certification
Nationwide Team

We are better together! We have a nationwide team of brilliant BCBAs and BCaBAs across 17 states and growing!  We provide services in-person within your area and via telehealth.

Their combined experience and knowledge extend well beyond just working with individuals with special needs.  Many are specialized in trauma informed care, cultural humility, comorbidities, ADHD, anxiety disorders, assent withdrawal, sexual education and health, ACT™, PEAK™, PEERS™ social skills, adolescent and adult support. The list continues to grow as we push ourselves to continually learn!


Supervision Curriculum Modules are developed to assist trainees with professional development and preparing for the BACB exam. Learn key concepts and skills through trainings until you reach competency. Measure your own progress with data collected by you and your Supervisor! 

Diverse Opportunities and Professional Growth

Continuum offers opportunities to be involved in ongoing project development, research, staff and parent training, assessments, and report and curriculum writing for unrestricted hours. There are multiple opportunities to apply your knowledge:

  • Giving CEU presentations
  • Writing reports and behavior plans
  • Supporting behavioral and skill assessments
  • Interpreting and summarizing data
  • Delivering cultural competency and humility assessments
  • Developing meaningful goals
  • Providing compassionate and collaborative parent trainings
  • Individual supervision meetings are scheduled around your availability and tailored to your educational needs
  • Remote group supervision meetings are facilitated by our team of BCBAs with diverse career experience and knowledge
  • Advanced group supervision covers applied topics such as toilet training, sleep training, augmented and alternative communication, functional communication training, etc.
  • Journal club meetings cover progressive topics aligned with the current BACB Task List and support groundbreaking research in the field
Practicum Opportunities

We offer practicum partnership sites with universities, including Simmons University, Purdue University Global, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, and Tennessee’s Lipscomb University. Some universities offer benefits that may include tuition discounts and reimbursement for Continuum staff!

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