Meet Our Family

  • Michele Altomare, BCaBA
    Michele Altomare, BCaBA
    Human Resources Manager
  • Hedy McDermott
    Hedy McDermott
    Billing Manager
  • Sue Steiger
    Sue Steiger
  • Carolyn Donahue
    Carolyn Donahue
    Staff Accountant
  • Andy Neatrou
    Andy Neatrou
    Insurance Authorization Specialist
  • Kendra Ruckner
    Kendra Ruckner
    Credentialing and Contract Coordinator
  • Whitman Hanley-Nelson, BSB/HRM
    Whitman Hanley-Nelson, BSB/HRM
    HR Documentation Auditor and Denied Claims Specialist
  • Abigail Mameghani, RBT
    Abigail Mameghani, RBT
    Administrative Assistant
  • Blaine Petgrave A.A.S.
    Blaine Petgrave A.A.S.
    IT Support
  • Lorenzo Robinson
    Lorenzo Robinson
    Billing/Claims Specialist
  • Lilyvette Abreu
    Lilyvette Abreu
    Payroll Specialist
  • Patrick Graham
    Patrick Graham
    Director of IT
  • Jamie Paz
    Jamie Paz
    Billing Coordinator