Kendra Ruckner

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Kendra studied Human Services with a concentration in Family Psychology at Carson Newman University in Knoxville, TN. Before coming to Continuum, she held a number of positions working with and assisting both special needs children and adults. Most recently, she worked as a preschool teacher and enjoyed being a part of the day to day development of young children! Kendra is a native Virginian but being from a military family, she grew up all over the South. For the past two years, Mrs. Ruckner and her husband lived in Norman, Oklahoma. It was a great experience but she missed Virginia every day! They have been married almost three years and have two dog who they adore. When she is not taking care of them or working, she loves to read, travel and has recently discovered a love of  pottery making. Kendra is happy to be of help and is excited to be a part of the Continuum family!