Natalie DeNardo, M.S., BCBA

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Natalie is a board certified behavior analyst and licensed behavior therapist with over 15 years of experience implementing and designing programs to address challenging behaviors and teaching more adaptive skills in the school and home settings. She has also trained parents and other professionals on creating behavior goals and implementing behavior support plans.

In 2015 Natalie decided to expand her professional career and pursue a certificate in health coaching from the William James College (formally known as the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology) in Newton, MA. The program focused on training professionals on how to recognize their client’s willingness to change while empowering them to create and achieve their  own health goals.

As a full-time working mother of two, Natalie knows how easy it is to put caring for yourself on the back burner. She is a firm believer that you must take care of yourself before you can take care of other people. It’s challenging for people to make time for themselves given all of life’s demands. Most people know what they “should” be doing (i.e. eating healthy, exercising, etc.) but may need some guidance in executing their plans.

Natalie’s Approach

Clients may arrive frustrated because they haven’t been able to meet their health goals. When people strive to improve their health they often want a quick fix and set goals that aren’t realistic or achievable. People focus too much on the “what” and tend to lose sight of the “how” and “why.” By digging deeper and focusing more on why goals matter, visualizing how life will improve once these goals are achieved, and tweaking daily routines, clients may then see a more meaningful change in their behavior.

With a background in applied behavior analysis (ABA) and health coaching, Natalie will use some simple tools. Sessions will include: setting goals together, tracking progress and figuring out which strategies are the most beneficial.  Once clients are comfortable with these strategies, they will become a part of their everyday lives. Natalie’s goal for her clients is to not need goals because the lifestyle changes that people make will become more natural.