Continuum Parent and Staff Training

Our staff is trained to identify areas of need for each family member, as well as adults working with any given individual. Parents, caregivers, and all adults working with the learner will be trained on basic Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques, terminology, and procedures. We will also help guide the team on IEP development, data collection procedures, data analysis, and building overall independence in the learner across settings. 

The primary objective of our training is educating parents, caregivers and staff to improve the quality of services that any one child is receiving across environments. Focused staff trainings are individualized through staff surveys to identify concerns related to specific program situations.  Our staff trainings can be conducted in small or large group settings for staff, administrators, and/or parents.

Some topics of interest have included: language development (e.g., social pragmatics, speech and language disorders) daily living skills (e.g., toilet training, feeding programs), behavior (e.g., whole class/individual reinforcement systems, functional behavioral assessment), social skills (e.g., increasing play skills, friendships), and teaching styles (e.g., natural environment teaching, errorless teaching), etc.