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July 3, 2018

“About Ifat… She is an above average type of person…. I really came to love her :’) I wanted to write you and thank you for making me calm down and give her the opportunity to work with my daughter, “A”. Seriously, thank you…. I guess I am very uneasy when it comes to who my daughter will be working since she is my everything. Ifat has been such an advocate for “A”, the school keep telling me “A” is not high functioning to be in a particular program , but Ifat is encouraging me to still see the program because maybe it is appropriate but the school doesn’t know it yet… Since Ifat has been collecting “scientific”data it shows the type of learner my daughter is. In about 4 sessions my daughter is mastering a new target. Ifat has become the backbone I need in order to be able to face the school or anyone else that thinks they can judge my daughter’s capabilities. Thank you again, we are very grateful and blessed to have Ifat work with “A”. My husband and I do recognize see she is very hardworking and committed to her children in her case load. We love Continuum for bringing Ifat our way!!!!”