At Continuum, one of our core values is Passion – applied to our practice and educational initiatives, but also to our families and our practitioners. The past weeks’ events have been defined by passion in equal measure to the shock associated with the tragic death of George Floyd that preceded them. As a community of providers, we are channeling that passion to look inward and redouble our commitment to always be fair and culturally sensitive with the services that we provide and to ensure the nurturing, positive space that we have created for all our employees. Another one of our core values is Dissemination, and it is with this tool that we will fulfill our obligation to properly and equitably deliver the good work we do as Behavior Analysts to our community at large, with care and understanding for the needs of people of color as well as all marginalized populations in our society. In our collective desire to end racism, we first need to recognize where it exists in all its many iterations; in our case better understanding of how it affects our team of professionals and the families they serve. Towards that end, as a first step, we will be conducting roundtable discussion groups within our organization to encourage the unfettered dissemination of the many ways these events have impacted each of us. In this way we hope to initiate an ongoing dialogue which will provide us with the feedback necessary for Continuum to be the best version of itself. Next, working with experts in the field, we will provide continuing education opportunities centered around discrimination, racism and cultural competencies. Through these efforts we are committed to using all of our passion to actively disseminate our intolerance of any actions, no matter how small, that might contribute to the proliferation of racism and social injustice among our family and the families we serve.

The Continuum Behavioral Health Leadership Team