Clinic-Based Services

Building Skills in a Structured Social Setting

At Continuum, our clinic-based services are provided in a group setting with one-to-one Therapist support for children and adolescents. Our clinics are designed to help clients foster social interactions while learning positive behavioral routines. Therapists work individually with our clients, under direct and constant supervision from their Consultant. Activities are designed to be child-focused, and the heart of our therapeutic interventions focuses on building both independent and group skills.

Our Approach to Clinic Services

Our clinic locations provide individualized programming for learners and focus on teaching social skills, play skills, social communication, emotional regulation, and more! Within our locations, the clinics are structured as Early-Intervention settings and will include daily routines to prepare learners to enter the academic setting. Your learner will have access to clinicians who are trained in all evidence-based practices including, but not limited to, practical functional assessment (PFA), skill-based treatments (SBT), assent withdrawal and trauma-informed care. Instruction focuses on learning school-readiness skills, following group instruction, and participating in daily group activities. Additionally, we focus on play-based learning to ensure all sessions are fun and enjoyable for our learners!

Clinic Learning Topics

In Clinic Therapy Services
Pre-Academic Skills
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Play Skills
Social Skills icon
Social Skills
Functional Communication
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Classroom Routines
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Emotional Regulation
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Executive Functioning
Behavior Reduction

Group Services

Outside of school hours, we offer a variety of group services such as Social Skills Groups and Social/Emotional Groups. Our Social Skills Groups focus on increasing social communication skills such as initiating and maintaining conversations and friendships through curriculum such as PEERS™ and Healthy Relationships™. Our Social/Emotional Groups focus on teaching emotional regulation and appropriate social interactions through curriculum such as Coping Cat, Zones of Regulation™, and Unstuck and On Target™. Check out our Group Services page for more information.

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