Behavioral Health

Assessment, Treatment, and Intervention

Enhancing the Quality of Life for Individuals and Families Through Compassionate and Comprehensive Services

Continuum’s Mission

At Continuum Behavioral Health, our mission is to collaborate towards discovering the best way to ensure each individual’s right to meaningful participation within their community, and most of all, to assist every learner in reaching their highest potential.

Our Core Values


Do great things and learn more together


Have the courage to shape a better future


Committed to clinical practice and education

Best Practice

Providing science-based and data-driven interventions


Increasing the awareness, knowledge, and utilization of existing methodologies and resources within our community

Clinical Services

At Continuum, we approach our services from a family-centered, client-focused lens that prioritizes a trusting relationship. Our goal is to help our clients and families reach their full potential and achieve their highest quality of life. We strive to achieve this goal by working collaboratively to ensure that treatment is focused on teaching meaningful goals and fostering social participation within the community.

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Our Clinical Impact

Family Owned And Operated Since 2011

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