Evidence-based, high quality, peer-reviewed Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program evaluations, consulting, development and instruction with an emphasis in Verbal Behavior in your home, school and/or community.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) / Behavior Intervention and ModificationApplied Behavior Analysis (ABA) / Behavior Modification

“ABA is the science in which procedures derived from the principles of behavior are systematically applied to improve socially significant behavior to a meaningful degree and to demonstrate experimentally that the procedures employed were responsible for the improvement in behavior”.

Research has documented that ABA therapy is a safe and effective method for teaching and increasing a wide variety of valuable skills as well as reducing interfering behavior.

Continuum Behavioral Health is committed to providing quality ABA therapy and services to help improve the lives of children and their families. The systematic method for assessment and intervention used by our Applied Behavior Analysis allows our staff to identify “why” a child engages in maladaptive behaviors and develop the most successful strategies to teach new skills. With the use of behavior plans and consultation/training, parents and other professional are taught how to utilize ABA therapy principles so that a child can be successful across environments and individuals in their life.

ABA Program Evaluations, Consulting, Development, and Instruction with an Emphasis in Verbal Behavior in your home, school and/or community.

Our ABA therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis home programming is an individualized program created based on a variety of skill and behavioral assessments. The programming that is introduced is based on the individual’s and family’s needs while focusing on the motivation for learning.

Our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) work one-on-one with each learner, closely following individualized and systematic prompting hierarchies all while monitoring and collection behavior data to be analyzed for effectiveness. They are well-trained in the ABA therapy program to help improve social behaviors.

All our Behavior Technicians have extensive training specifically in research supported treatments for autism spectrum disorders. Supervision of each learner’s program is provided by one of our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) with regular onsite supervision and feedback. In addition to the individualized home programming and effective ABA therapy, we offer parent/caregiver and staff training, programs to address interfering behaviors, and a wide range of behavior analytic services. Through Applied Behavior Analysis we focus on helping the learner gain skills in academics, daily living, communication, and social areas through the use of state-of-the-art behavioral interventions.