Illinois: Autism Diagnosis, Assessment and Treatment

Continuum Autism Spectrum Alliance serves the suburbs of Chicago and the greater Illinois area.   During the assessment process, each child receives a comprehensive functional assessment that identifies core deficits and problem behaviors that may be interfering with the child’s ability to learn and participate in daily life at home, school and in the community.  Every child’s program is individualized to meet his or her needs, learning style and guided by what is developmentally expected.

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Danielle Loch, M.Ed., BCBA

Clinical Director


Danielle holds a bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education and a masters of Education focusing on Special Education for individuals with Autism from the University of Kansas. Once she finished school, she returned back to her home town of Chicago and taught at a local therapeutic day school for children diagnosed with autism. Through this experience Danielle learned about ABA and decided to pursue her BCBA. She graduated from University of West Florida in 2013 and continued as a BCBA in the school setting. One of her main passions is supporting families which lead Danielle to in-home therapy at the end of 2014.  Along with supporting families Danielle’s favorite aspect of ABA is allowing students to reach their fullest level of independence and celebrating all the steps along the way. She joined Continuum Behavioral Health in 2015.


Leadership Team:


Brittney Eberhardt, M.S., BCBA

Senior Consultant and Clinical Manager


Brittney has been working with children with Autism and related disabilities for over 10 years.  She has worked in the clinic, home, residential, and school settings with children and adults across the spectrum.  After graduating from Northern Illinois University with a BS in Psychology and began working at a therapeutic day school for children with Autism. Through this experience, Brittney discovered her passion for Applied Behavior Analysis. She went on to study Behavior Analysis at Southern Illinois University and pursue her BCBA certification.