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How have you or your family been positively impacted by the staff at CASA? Have you had a recent success with your child? Every step counts…please share your story with us!

A Word From Our Clients …

The care and attention to details about the services provided, the mission and values statement, and even The Faces of Continuum photographic displays were all contributory to my decision. As a parent of two children on the autism spectrum who has been working with ABA providers since 2008, it was critical for me to have as much information up front as possible regarding the breadth of services available to my son before reaching out to Chitra about my chosen provider. Your website offers a variety of social skills programs in addition to ABA and expanded counseling services, which I could not find anywhere else. I was also immediately impressed by the transparency of your website regarding the process and each of the steps that included clear definitions (i.e. FBA, BIP etc.), inclusive of the Pay Your Bill feature (for my daughter's ABA provider I am required to initiate contact with them for an consolidated invoice as there's no self-service portal).

All of these facets were all incredibly helpful to me, and Continuum far exceeded the other local provider's websites. Everything that I read was an indication that Continuum cares about transparency not just for the insurance providers, but for me as a parent. I furthermore felt that my time was respected because I didn't have to ask as many questions given that so much of valuable information is provided on the website.

I think its critically important to let organizations know what is working well and to commend them accordingly. There's sometimes an over-emphasis placed on complaining and focusing on the negatives in our society, so I always try to share the outstanding aspects of an organization whenever I can.Emoji Thank you!

- Dr. Morgan Walls-Dines

"About Ifat… She is an above average type of person…. I really came to love her :’) I wanted to write you and thank you for making me calm down and give her the opportunity to work with my daughter, “A”. Seriously, thank you…. I guess I am very uneasy when it comes to who my daughter will be working since she is my everything. Ifat has been such an advocate for “A”, the school keep telling me “A” is not high functioning to be in a particular program , but Ifat is encouraging me to still see the program because maybe it is appropriate but the school doesn’t know it yet… Since Ifat has been collecting “scientific”data it shows the type of learner my daughter is. In about 4 sessions my daughter is mastering a new target. Ifat has become the backbone I need in order to be able to face the school or anyone else that thinks they can judge my daughter’s capabilities. Thank you again, we are very grateful and blessed to have Ifat work with “A”. My husband and I do recognize see she is very hardworking and committed to her children in her case load. We love Continuum for bringing Ifat our way!!!!"

- Parent

"Christine has been a valued resource over the years and a calming voice for families as well as for school personnel. It’s always easier to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolution to a set of problems when you have a solid professional such as Christine who understands how to communicate their knowledge to others in a non-threatening and reasonable way…"

- Louis S. Nuzzo, Attorney At Law

"Kate – I wanted to take moment to share with you what a tremendous impact you made on Monday night. My brother for the first time ever, was moved to tears because you gave him hope. Your positive attitude, professionalism and true sense of caring is exactly what this family needs. We are all very excited to work with you and look forward to making positive changes in his life. Our goal is to help him become an independent happy adult, and I believe you You Rock!!"

- Parent

"We have worked with Jamie Bassos for over a year. What a difference she has made in our lives!! Our six year old son is FINALLY potty trained. Something we just never thought would happen. His behavior at both school and home has improved 100%. Jamie is both professional and personable. She is available to answer quick questions, or during the tough times when you just don’t know what to do!! She really listens to concerns and ideas from parents. She is very flexible. She will adjust programs as needed to better suit the personality of the child. Our son continues to improve thanks to Jamie’s expert knowledge. We are forever grateful!!"

- Parent

"Jamie Bassos formally works as a consultant for our family, but has quickly become such a vital part of our lives. Jamie is warm, bright, proactive and understanding of our daughter Lucy’s unique challenges. Jamie works diligently and professionally alongside our team to best provide successful pathways for Lucy. As a parent to a child with a disability, I am moved and motivated as I witness Lucy’s progress under Jamie’s exceptional care and attention. Lucy is making wonderful improvements in her abilities and interacts nicely with Jamie. We are grateful to Jamie for all that she has accomplished with Lucy and look forward to a continued relationship with Jamie well in to the future."

- Parent

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